Professional Rules For Fiverr First Time Users

Want To Know A Secret?:

Fiverr itself takes one dollar from the seller for each sale, so the seller makes 4 dollars per sale.

Think with me… about all the fast food chains out there that have their dollar/value meals. $1 for a cheeseburger. Might not seem like a lot, but when you have 10+ items on the dollar menu, selling millions a day, it adds up. And that’s exactly our mentality for our fiverr gigs. It all adds up.

I want to outline some “Professional rules” which will help skyrocket your fiverr earnings overnight:

Rule 1: ALWAYS Upload A Video For Each Gig
This rule may just be the most important rule. If you are charasmatic and entertaining, this will increase sales as well. Just be clear and to the point. There may be a gig that is a better offer than yours, but if you have a great video, you will find your gig will continue to get more sales than your competitors. A TIP that you may not know is fiverr moderators actually view each video individually. If you mention once or twice, you will find yourself ending up on the first page, starting off with a little boost. This little trick has been working for me since I started really getting into fiverr, so I know it’ll work for you. Use these tips above and you will see an increase in sales of about 75%.

Rule 2: Pick A Creative, Specific, And Eye CaTcHiNg Title
This may be the oldest view increaser in the books, though it still works like a charm today. There are countless gigs out with titles such as “I will sing a song for $5” or “I will do graphic design for $5”. These are NOT good titles! An improvement would be “I will sing a PROFESSIONIAL amazing song for $5”. While this may not be the best title in the world, it’s way more catchy that the first too. And that’s really all you need. Another good one would be “I will design a KILLER amazing artist piece of art for $5”. I’m not sure if you noticed, but the two “good” examples have one word in all caps. It is part of Fiverr’s policy that only ONE word in the title can be all capital letters. TIP: take advantage of this and use that capital word to captivate the eyes of the browsers. Another TIP is to add “Within 24 hours” to some of your gigs that you can complete within this amount of time. Only do this if you are POSITIVE you can complete the gigs in this amount of time. If you can, you will increase your sales by up to 20%.

Rule 3: Upload a Custom Made Picture
You are required to upload a picture about the service you are providing. When you are doing this, try to use Photoshop. MS Paint will also do just fine, although I prefer Gimp. Create a flashy custom made image which represents your gig. Do NOT download a generic picture in google images for the sake of having a picture. The time you put into ensuring that your service is advertised as professional as possible will go a long way.

Rule 4: Have A Long And Articulate Description
When it comes to writing a description, the more words the merrier! Do not write two sentences and be general, explain how your product is amazing. Explain what you will do IN DETAIL and explain in as many words as possible the features of this service. Be very articulate and professional sounding, remember the costumer is only spending 5 dollars but he/she still doesn’t want to throw it away. Rather if they see that the seller has taken time to explain in detail the product, they will be more comfortable to spend that five dollars.

Rule 5: Always Have 20 Gigs Active At Once
The maximum numbers of gigs you can have at once as a seller on Fiverr is 20. If you have any less then that, you are simply not putting yourself in
a position to gain maximum profits. You have to be creative enough to come up with 20 things you can do for people for five dollars, even if many of the
gigs only get a couple orders a week. The key thing you must remember is creating multiple streams of income for yourself. That a gig that is just sitting there collecting two orders a week bringing in $8 a week is actually bringing In $32 a month and almost $400 annually. Which adds up to your total as a Fiverr Seller. In addition to this, every gig brings traffic to your page profile, which brings traffic to your other gigs! So the more you are on fiverr the better. TIP: have gigs in different sections not just the same one or two. It is important to spread yourself around be seen in many categories. This will broaden your customer base and may bring someone who originally purchased graphics from you, now purchasing music & audio.

These five professional rules should ALWAYS be applied to ALL of your gigs. If you practice these five golden rules of fiverr to the tee and do them correctly, you will earn drastically increase your profits on SELLING FIVERR GIGS.


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