I Will Advertise For You On My Daily Blog

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I manage a blog called Always A Holiday and I post every single day to celebrate a fun, quirky, unique national holiday! There’s always something to celebrate and I would love to feature you at the end of a post!

Find the blog at www.alwaysaholiday.com!

The blog has been around since April 1 of 2013 and people visit every day to celebrate along with me. My blog was even linked on New York Today for the NEW YORK TIMES!

For just $5 I will mention what you wish in about 20-30 words and post a nofollow link or email to easily connect my visitors to you. Your promotion will be creative so that it seems personal and fun. Plus, it’s a great solution for link building because they remain with the posts in my archives. Like the return? Come back and I would love to feature you again!

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