I Will Answer Your Tax Questions And Assist To Resolve

“Stress Free” at stressful Time of Year…  Your “Tax Questions Answered” or “1040ez” will be (e-filed) & Fax or PDF copy forwarded to you, after I receive Form 8879 signed & returned to our office.As a Registered Tax Preparer, a Certified Public Accountant with more than 25 years of experience, allow me to offer you the power of our firm, research tools and resources.  Earning also a BS/BA in Accounting, minor in Finance and Computer Science and having worked as an Internal Auditor, Financial Auditor, Bank Auditor and a Consultant on Local Government Projects, my experience is diverse, as well as extensive. Any Questions on Corporate and Individual Tax, Self Employment, W2 Income, Payroll Returns and corrected payroll returns, Self Employed Retirement Plans, Individual Retirement Plans and Complex Tax Planning Strategies. 

Having also worked for small to mid sized Accounting Firms, Small Business has been a familiar work environment, as well.”

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